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Villa San Michele x Gaia Bonanomi


“In each different location and at every hour of the day, I learned something new about the House. The light there shapes its atmosphere, and the perspective shifts endlessly so that some new aspect is constantly being revealed.”


Italian photographer Gaia Bonanomi is based between Milan and Barcelona, having previously lived in Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. This openness to the world runs through all her work, which is conceived as an ode to life, femininity and Mother Earth.


When she saw Villa San Michele, a Belmond hotel overlooking Florence, the photographer felt inspired to create images that reveal the precious, hidden and intangible soul of the place. As the two restaurants constitute the beating heart of the Villa, she decided to shoot a portrait of Alessandro, the chef, whose creative gastronomy is a perfect embodiment of the House’s spirit.


Bonanomi also felt a desire to highlight the Villa’s connection with its natural environment: the textures, brought to life by the sun’s shifting rays throughout the day; the materials and fabrics, dancing in the wind around the buildings; the flowers, ancient wisteria and kitchen garden vegetables that harmoniously embellish the place… Using only natural daylight, her photo series conveys the authentic feelings and mysterious force that make up the very essence of the Villa.


Credit: Gaia Bonanomi

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