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Berluti – Paris Bespoke Tailoring Workshop

The history of 14 rue de Sèvres dates back to the 1930s, when the Grimbert family established there the workshops of its famous Arnys brand. After the integration of the latter into Berluti in 2012, the House chose this address on the Left Bank to launch the Grande Mesure Berluti with all the artisans of the Arnys bespoke tailoring workshop. Today, the venue offers infinite horizons in terms of men’s wardrobe from head to toe. With the support of cutters, apiecers and button makers, the master tailor creates for each customer, according to his desires, his silhouette, his personality, his uses, a unique and perfectly fitted handmade piece, entirely thought by him and for him.


Original elements of the historical store’s décor, including period furniture, were preserved and restored to their initial splendor.

Berluti  – Paris Bespoke Tailoring Workshop