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Louis Vuitton Asnières Workshop x Ella Bats


“These premises tell their own story, and what sparked my interest the most were their origins – the starting point for the epic Louis Vuitton saga.”


A graduate of France’s National School of Applied Arts and of Gobelins l’École de l’Image, French artist Ella Bats uses digital photography as a medium for exploring the inner world of individuals and finding a way of visually representing those worlds. By establishing an intimate dialog with her models, she brings out their singular humanity.


Louis Vuitton’s historic headquarters are located in Asnières, near Paris, and what struck the photographer most was the relationship between the family home – a late 19th-century building in the Eiffel style – and the modern workshops where the House’s iconic trunks and special orders are made today. Bats elected to focus her lens on the craft of carpentry as it has been practiced since the House’s inception, showcasing a material that is pure, natural and foundational.


Her images reveal the proximity between the age-old and the new – a microcosm that unites both the inside and outside where, generation after generation, the House has been passing down its heritage, savoir-faire and technology.

Credit: Ella Bats

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