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Hennessy Éditions Rares Workshop x Etienne Francey


I appreciated how open Hennessy is to new things, and I got the sense that the House sees art as a real driving force. 


Driven by his love of nature, Swiss photographer Etienne Francey uses photography as a means of transforming reality and unspoiled wilderness, using an array of tricks to deform, refract and color them to such a degree that his work sometimes borders on painting and the abstract.


Reflecting this sense of transformation, Francey employs the color orange to connote Hennessy and conjure up an aspect of the dream it symbolizes – recalling not only the hues of cognac, but also of fire, an essential element in crafting the barrels that hold the precious liquid. The photographer was captivated by the multitude of trades on display in the Éditions Rares Workshop, including calligraphy and leathercraft, with everything still done by hand down to the tiniest detail.


Francey’s lens was particularly drawn to the extremely elegant handiwork with silk threads, leading to his image that captures the contrast between a generous, heavy bottle and the lightness of the thread twisted delicately around the glass.

Credit: Etienne Francey
Please drink responsibly.

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