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Château d’Yquem x Etienne Francey


“I pictured the place as a kind of paradise, an imaginary place. What I discovered was how much work is done in the vineyards for the long term, and how very meticulous the winegrowers are.”


Swiss photographer Etienne Francey spent his childhood exploring the unspoiled natural surroundings of his native village near Fribourg. This inspired a love for nature that has fueled his creativity ever since, and he uses an array of tricks to deform, color, illuminate, or refract reality, and untamed wilderness, in his constant quest to transform them – to such a degree that his work sometimes borders on painting and the abstract.


At Yquem, Francey elected to play on the golden color of the wine, and on the sun and the blue sky that canopies the ripening grapes. Thanks to his mastery of different processes, his images capture the delicate work of leaf thinning carried out by Rachel, a winegrower whose family has been associated with the Château for several generations.


This series pays homage to the House’s extremely careful handling of the grapes – which are selected and picked individually – and to the unspoiled natural beauty of the estate, where swallows wheel above the rows of vines and swallowtail butterflies flutter amongst the flowers in the garden.


Credit : Etienne Francey

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