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Château d’Esclans x Ella Bats


“On this sun-drenched estate, the natural realm of smells, tastes, and terroir come together with agriculture and technology.”


A graduate of France’s National School of Applied Arts and of Gobelins l’École de l’Image, French artist Ella Bats uses digital photography as a medium for exploring the inner world of individuals and finding a way of visually representing those worlds. By establishing an intimate dialog with her models, she brings out their singular humanity.


This sensitivity resonated with the Château d’Esclans wine estate in the Var region; here, the visitor is immersed in the very heart of Provence, with its endless fields stretching towards hilly horizons, and where the welcome extended to guests is paramount. The photographer trained her lens on that interface of hospitality and nature.


Taking the product’s origin as her starting point – an agricultural landscape that fans out from the Château and envelops the visitor in sensory experiences and flavors – Bats wanted to home in on the art of wine tasting, before distorting the materials in a quest for abstraction that stirs up dreams of things we don’t yet know.

Credit: Ella Bats

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