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Château de la Colle Noire x Louis Dewynter


“It’s amazing to see how the Château’s interior and exterior spaces connect with each other – they share common motifs and combine to form vistas – even their smells are in dialog. I love the idea that Christian Dior brought the outdoors inside.”



Louis Dewynter graduated from France’s National Cinema, Photography & Sound Engineering School (Louis-Lumière) in 2019. He is known for still lifes and commissions for advertising, magazines and cultural institutions. In his personal work he incorporates some of the codes of commercial photography but experiments with freer forms sometimes verging on the documentary, or on a more abstract, almost sculptural approach.


At the Château de la Colle Noire – Christian Dior’s cherished residence in the Provençal countryside – Dewynter was inspired by the gardens, famed for their flowers such as lily of the valley and May rose, which remain the source of Parfums Christian Dior’s fragrances to this day. The young photographer trained his magnifying lens on the work of Damien, the gardener, whose patient monitoring and constant maintenance has created a natural space with just the right balance of untamed wilderness and formal organization.


Dewynter’s series opposes color with black and white so the viewer loses any temporal bearings between past and present, mirroring what is playing out between the property’s interior and exterior spaces, like a memory game. Through this approach, the photographer pays tribute to the House’s staff and to their constant deliberations about how to present the symbols of the Château, without transforming it into a museum.

Credit: Louis Dewynter

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