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Berluti’s Bespoke Tailoring Studio x Hugo Mapelli


“I sensed the deep attachment that Berluti’s tailors feel towards their House, and towards their vocation. There’s a very strong focus on craftsmanship, on passing down expertise and the right tools and techniques.”



A former assistant of Peter Lindbergh’s, French photographer and videomaker Hugo Mapelli has been creating his own photographic language through color and experimentation since 2019. His singular style – authentic and exploratory and high in color – stems from a masterful blend of silver print photographic processes and digital post-production tools.


Berluti clients come to the House’s Bespoke Tailoring studio in Paris’s Rue de Sèvres to be fitted out from head to toe in a wardrobe made to their precise measurements. Here, the photographer’s keen eye met its match in the judicious eye of the costumer – Karim, the master tailor, has a knack for exactly transcribing the shape of a shoulder or a knee on paper.


As a craftsman himself, within his own medium, Mapelli – playing with different analog tools to construct his images – highlights the deftness and accuracy with which the virtuoso tailor designs his pattern; all those years spent perfecting his pen-strokes to draw the same lines, the same contours, while instinctively adjusting them to each client’s individual body shape.

Credit: Hugo Mapelli

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