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Les Journées Particulières: Discover our Houses on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022.

We’re watching a video shot in a couture atelier. One by one, we see the faces of three dressmakers around the room. They look up from their work, as if waiting for someone or something. Les Journées Particulières logo is displayed, along with the words: Discover our Houses on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022.

Les Journées Particulières

Join us on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022, for an exceptional behind-the-scenes look at LVMH’s most emblematic Maisons. Experience some of the most iconic settings and get a real sense of how our Maisons bring together design, savoir-faire, heritage and innovation to fashion their worlds.

Teaser starring Antoine Arnault and announcing the LVMH Journées Particulières on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022.

The film opens on the silhouette of a man hurrying along the corridors of a couture atelier. We quickly grasp that he’s someone important, because of how the seamstresses watch him as he hastens by.
Antoine Arnault apologizes for the disturbance with a gesture of the hand, and as unobtrusively as he can, he sidles up to one of them.
Antoine Arnault:
Hello Béatrice! I wanted to ask you…
He moves closer to Béatrice and whispers his request in her ear. We can’t hear what he says, and nor can the other seamstresses who are trying to discreetly listen in. Béatrice answers out loud:
Yes of course, Monsieur, herringbone stitch is very easy, I’ll show you.
Antoine Arnault is sitting next to Béatrice, a thimble on his middle finger and a piece of white fabric in his hands. Béatrice explains how it’s done.
You bring the thread back towards you, Through the top, then bottom, then back out.
Three very irregular crosses in red thread have been embroidered onto the white fabric.
Antoine Arnault turns to look at Béatrice. Despite her kindly attitude, she seems a little doubtful.
Well, it’s a start…
Antoine Arnault keeps practicing, starting again, over and over. He shows her each successive attempt, always with the same result. Until at last, he shows her his latest efforts:
Well, there you go, that’s perfect
A close-up shot shows a needle being stuck through paper. You hear the sound the red thread makes as it’s pulled through the paper.
We see Antoine Arnault busily working at his desk. He seems to be concentrating hard.
In close-up, a pair of scissors cuts a red thread.
The corners of his mouth turn up in a little smile: the stitching is finished.
Panning out to a wide shot, we discover the purpose of his apprenticeship.
On his desk stands a paper calendar, open on the month of October.
Antoine Arnault has sewn three magnificent herringbone stitches on it, on the dates of October 14, 15 and 16, 2022.
A final frame appears with Les Journées Particulières logo, along with the invitation:
Come and visit our Houses on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022

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Three days of magic and wonder inside our Maisons

Les Journées Particulières is a totally unique event that allows you to discover the backstage of the dream factory – meet designers, artisans and staff of over 80 sites around the world. Throughout three days, we welcome you inside our Maisons to share with you the secrets of our exceptional métiers, the quality standards, and the creative imagination that go into crafting the finest products.

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New in 2022

This 5th edition of Les Journées Particulières offers an even richer program with the participation of some new Houses, such as Tiffany&Co., Moët & Chandon, Berluti and Belmond, and exclusive locations around the world opening their doors to the public for their very first time. The experience itself will be enhanced with demonstrations, exhibitions and special presentations that showcase remarkable artisanal excellence.

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